Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

We welcome 2019.

Celebrating the dawn of a new year is usually a time for reflection, and also making resolutions for the new year ahead. It was a pleasure to have a New years eve service of reflection and testimony with a countdown to the new year, by our Filipino friends.

Looking back over 2018, it was a good but busy year.  We had the pleasure of giving the Filipin International Church a temporary home while Whitleybay Baptist church had major renovations, we have had renovations of our own,  We have had our usual fayres raising money for the renovations as well as giving time for fellowship with our local community. We have had a very diverse range of speakers both from within our church and outside visiting preachers.  We look forward to what the next year will bring.

Looking ahead to 2019.. 

What is your resolution?  Could you make the resolution to spend more time with God, and give him more control over your life. A few months ago we were blessed with having a service delivered by pastor Virgilio from the Filipino International Church who has been staying with us for most of the past year.  His sermon covered where God is in your life.  but how do we give God our heart completely??

You might be surprised to learn that trust is like a muscle that you have.
The more that you exercise it, the more that it grows and is strengthened. So how can you strengthen your trust muscle?  Here are a few exercises:

You can move from worry to worship by realizing that God is in control of every circumstance in your life.

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts that are bringing you down, start thinking about positive scriptures that will lift you up.

Remember, God is never a second late, He always shows up on time.

God Bless